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Based on the north east coast of Ireland, Eclectic Quarters deals in vintage furniture, interior furnishings, one-off modern and mid-century items. Whilst much of our stock depicts some of the most famous designers and styles of the mid-century period, we also understand the eclectic mix of our customers. This is why we also offer these 'design classics' alongside equally interesting modern and antique pieces, which have been chosen for their originality and nonconformist style. It also helps that we only buy stock that we love ourselves.

At Eclectic Quarters we work vigorously to make sure that our products are refined to work in unity within a modern context. By acquiring any of our items from our product range you’re sure to bring character to your home as well as helping to protect part of our lifestyle heritage.

Our products are regularly updated, so don’t miss out on that next edition to your home and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for our next exciting finds.