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While our stock is chosen for it’s originality and aesthetic appeal we always check the quality of each item before listing them for sale.

As the products we offer for sale are antique or vintage items, it should be noted that as such, in many cases have some age wear. These small signs of wear are normal and appropriate to their authenticity and we feel that it only adds to the character. Some of our products may have undergone some light restoration, this may range from a new coat of French polish or Danish oil being applied, repairing to any loose joints and in some cases Items may have been reupholstered in a more modern contemporary fabric. Our ethos is that you shouldn’t need to undertake any form of repair or restoration of our products and that they should simply be there to add character to your home and enjoy.

At Eclectic Quarters we have tried to simplify our method of condition grading to make this easier and more transparent for our customers. Below is a full breakdown of our grading policy:

Excellent (E):

A nearly perfect item is void of any factory defects or repair and has only very minor defects, which relate to signs of age or wear.

Very Good Plus (VG+):

A very good plus item will show some signs that it was used before by a previous owner who took good care and may show some signs of wear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect the overall use or aesthetic of the item. In general, if not for a couple things wrong with it, this would be “Near Mint”. All but the most mint-crazy collectors will find a Very Good Plus highly acceptable.

Very Good (VG):

A really nice conditioned item showing signs of minor age wear and may have slight scuffs, slight scratches, small watermarks or has been reupholstered or had minor repair. This condition means the item has an overall very acceptable appearance for age and is a good solid item.

Good (G):

This condition means that the piece is in very presentable state and may have defects other than how it left the factory. It may have some minor discoloration, age wear, scratches, or minor restoration and should be explained and illustrated by accompanying (photos), but again this item is still in very usable solid condition.

Fair (F):

This condition is a terminology used to describe such pieces that have been devalued due to damages such as chips, cracks, stains and unprofessional repairs. The same piece in great condition or excellent condition may have a substantially higher value depending on what it is, age, provenance and scarcity.

Please note that we are always happy to provide more detailed photographs and condition reports to give a better understanding of the item on request. As it is very important that our customers are completely happy with their purchases.